Software on Demand

We develop software on demand, focusing on the needs of the users.

From the first contact, we analyze the client’s needs; merge them with our experience and as such we develop solutions which are totally identifiable and particular.

In the development of sites, applications as well as other services, we work with a completely comprehensive insight of the client’s business and needs and we develop a totally integral solution for the organization.

The "Custom Made" projects or tailored developments are TURNKEY projects.

It originates from Functional and Technical Specifications created by a specialized Analyst side by side with the client. The analysis work of IDtknology for customized developments corresponds to 60% of success of the project and has been proven in more than 200 "custom made" projects delivered over the years.

We work with various technologies, we adapt to those used by the client suggesting better practices and abridging the project in the best cost-benefit possible.

Some developed projects

  • ERP with core integration of the client
  • Business Intelligence building blocks system for making decisions
  • CRM with integration to web services
  • Home Banking (Consumer banking and corporate banking)
  • Patrimony systems
  • Customer service systems, Telemarketing, Task Manager
  • Intranet systems and corporative Extranet integration to workflow