Our staff is made up of more than 130 professionals strategically distributed according to their special skills in order to cover all IT areas and to provide an excellent service in due time and of quality.

  • 1 Managing Director Managing TEAM, analysis, compilation
  • 1 Project Manager Senior with orientation towards agile methodologies
  • 1 Analysis Manager Systems analysis
  • 25 Analysts Project Managers Analysis, compilation, tests and monitoring of those
  • 50 SR Programmers .NET, JAVA, PHP technologies and others
  • 28 SSR Programmers .NET, JAVA, PHP technologies and others
  • 4 Platform Coordinators .NET, JAVA, PHP, Database technologies and others
  • 5 Programmers in GENEXUS Technology
  • 10Database Programmers (ORACLE, SQL Server, Informix, BD2, PostgreSQL and MySQL)
  • 3 Designers of Web Interfaces Managing CSS, layers and tools applied to design UX/UI
  • 3 SQA Testers Knowledge of functional test, unit test, etc.